Radio Bingo™ & Quiz Quest For Schools

DJs @ Work is a versatile entertainment provider which was founded by former teachers. We can play any type of event for all ages, and we have found that our capacity to connect with and entertain children has led us down a new and exciting path to enhance learning.

Looking to engage your students? Let us help. 

We’ve designed our activities to:

  • engage students in a highly effective way
  • strengthen listening & recognition skills
  • promote concentration techniques
  • complement current curriculum & improve critical thinking skills
  • foster a safe, non-competitive environment
  • increase peer interaction & group participation
  • celebrate and nurture respectful behavior


Radio Bingo™

A mix between Name that Tune and Tic-Tac-Toe, Radio Bingo™ puts a new spin on classic games. We give participants Radio Bingo™ cards with song titles on them and then ask students to mark the songs on their cards as we play them. The goal is to get a line of songs in a row! Throughout the activity our MCs engage the students, inviting them to actively listen, help one another, sing-a-long, participate in both individual and group dances, express themselves in a positive way, and to most importantly have fun!

Radio Bingo™ features:

  • Flexible window of time
    •  We can adjust the length of the game(s) to your scheduling needs
  • Flexible numbers of participants (10-300)
  • Flexible age suitability
    • Games can be designed for children attending any grades from Pre-K-12
  • Age appropriate, edited popular music
    • Customized musical selections can be created*
  • All resources provided (PA system, microphones, cards, writing utensils, etc.)

* Events requesting customized musical selections must be booked at least one month prior to the event date in order to allow for design and printing services

(Please note: Although our activity has the word “Bingo” in it’s title, it is not a Bingo game. We perform Radio Bingo™ for entertainment purposes only and there is no gambling involved in any manner.)


Radio Bingo™ created an energetic and exciting event for our students and staff! Participants played while laughing, singing and dancing to their favorite songs! We’ve hosted Radio Bingo for student orientations, parent engagement events and end of year celebrations. The directors are incredibly friendly and engaging. I highly recommend this!”

– NYC Public School Administrator


The Quiz Quest

For a fun, interactive, & team oriented experience, we recommend our customizable trivia quiz option. With your input we can create a quiz, come to your school and host a live team trivia event!

The Quiz Quest provides students with the opportunity to use teamwork, discussion, and expertise to answer age appropriate questions that both:

  • complement their existing studies &
  • keep them interested and excited about the material

Our unique style of quizzes integrate current curriculum, current events, a little bit of relevant pop culture all accompanied by a DJ/MC & scorekeeper who run the show!

Before the event we will help create a custom quiz for your students, and will plan the event step-by-step to ensure its success.

Basics of The Quiz Quest:

  • Recommended for grades 5 and up
  • Flexible numbers of teams (2-20)
    • Suggested team size: 5-8 people
  • Flexible window of time
    • We can adjust the length of the quiz to your scheduling needs
  • Teachers & administrators get FINAL APPROVAL of all questions
  • Teacher input welcome but not required
  • All resources provided (PA system, microphones, trivia materials, writing utensils, etc.)